Sultans of Ping f.c.

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Christ! The Sultans Have Reformed, See News Pages For Details!!! Also read about how I went back in time for a year... what a tit i am!! (Last Update 19/02/06)


This page is dedicated to Corks finest football team and self confessed coolest rock n roll band in the world.. the sultans (Of ping fc). This page was originally started as a salvage attempt to keep the sultans web presence alive, Mark has since updated his site but I feel this site comes into its own now, luckily enough. Enjoy your surfing. Bubblegum? Yeah!

The sultans of ping were:


Morty Mcarthy: Drums

Pat O'Connell: Guitar

Niall O'Flaherty: Vocals and Harmonica

Alan McFeely: Bass

Sammy Steigers (not pictured): Guitar (Last album only)